Seafood Specialties 

Beef Kabab (6 pcs)

Minced beef blended with chef's special spices and onions 
Tandoori Fish (6 pcs)$13.00
Diced fish marinated in the chef's special sauce and cooked in the clay oven 
Tandoori Prawns$14.00
Jumbo tiger prawns are marinated and then cooked in the tandoor 

Paneer Tikka (6 pcs)

Spices of homemade paneer (cheese) stuffed with special spices, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and then cooked in the tandoor 



Tandoori Chicken (4 pcs)

An all time favorite. Tender pieces of chicken marinated in our special masalas and cooked in the tandoor 
Chicken Tikka (6 pcs)$12.00
Boneless chicken breast is marinated in our own preparation of special ingredients and then roasted in the tandoor 
Murg Malai Kabab (6 pcs)$12.00
Boneless chicken breast marinated in a creamy, mild sauce and cooked in the tandoor 

Pudina Chicken (6 pcs)

Boneless chicken breast marinated in a special sauce blended with mint leaves, garlic, ginger, and spices 



Tandoori Namoonay 

*our stuffed naan breads are served with yogurt for dipping

*all vegetable dishes are served mild, medium, or hot

Paneer Butter Masala

Authentic homemade cheese cooked in our fragrant thick butter sauce with light herbs and spices 
Vegetable Korma$11.00
A vegetarian's dream! A rainbow of vegetables, fruits, and homemade cheese cooked in a thick butter sauce. Topped with cashew nuts and whipping cream 

Bhindi (Seasonal)

Fresh okra tossed with onion, ginger, tomato, and exotic spices 
Bhaingan Bhartha$11.00
Fresh jumbo eggplant is roasted in the tandoor then chopped and tossed with onions and tomatoes. Flavored with cumin, ginger, exotic spices, and topped with cilantro 
Palak Paneer$11.00
A mixture of fresh spinach and homemade cheese 

Muttar Paneer

Homemade cheese and peas in a rich creamy curry 



Channa Masala

Chickpeas are prepared in light curry sauce and garnished with tomatoes and onions 
Dal Makhani$10.00
A mixture or lentils and kidney beans cooked with butter and laced with cream 
Aloo Gobi$10.00
Potatoes and fresh cauliflower cooked with herbs and spices 

Mixed Vegetables

Fresh vegetables with exotic spices, onions, and tomatoes topped with cilantro 



Garden Specialties

Chilli Chicken

Diced pieces of chicken breast fried and tossed with onion, garlic, chillies, and soy sauce topped off with cilantro 
Chaat Papri$6.00
Crispy wafers topped with chick peas and potatoes 

Vegetable Pakoras

Deep-fried with potatoes, spinach, onion, cauliflower, herbs, and spices 
Paneer Pakoras


Home-made cheese stuffed with mint and spices, dipped in batter and deep-fried

Chicken Pakoras$12.00
Tender pieces of boneless chicken breast mildly spiced and deep-fried 

Fish Pakoras


Marinated and spiced Boston Blue fish is deep-

fried to perfection


A savory whole wheat bread deep-fried until golden brown 
A special deep-fried leavened bread 

Paneer Naan

Naan bread stuffed with homemade cheese, cilantro, ginger, and spices 
Keema Naan$5.00
Naan bread stuffed with marinated spiced beef 
Chicken Naan$5.00
Freshly baked naan topped off with fresh garlic, cilantro, and a glaze of butter 
Tandoori Roti$2.00 
Round whole wheat bread baked fresh in a clay over 



*take-out menu only                                                                                                                                    *Prices are subject to change without notice
‚Äč*delivery only on orders over $100 (not including taxes)


Our leavened bread is baked fresh in out traditional clay tandoor oven 
Onion Naan$3.00
Naan bread is topped with chopped onions, cilantro, crushed chillies, and butter 
Garlic Naan$3.00
Freshly baked naan topped off with fresh garlic, cilantro, and a glaze of butter 
Aloo NaanNaan$4.01 
Naan bread stuffed with potatoes, cilantro, ginger and spices 



Tandoori Breads

Veg Samosas (2 pcs)

Deep-fried triangular patties stuffed with potatoes, green peas, herbs and spices 
Meat Samosas (2 pcs)$2.00
Deep-fried triangular patties stuffed with minced meat, spices, and herbs 
Aloo Tikki (2 pcs)$1.000
Fried mashed potato patties with chickpea batter, ginger, and spices 

Samosas Chana

Fried mashed potato patties, chickpeas, and spices 




Take-Out Menu

*all entrees are served with one plain naan

Chicken Curry

Traditional chicken curry stewed to perfections       
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Butter Chicken

Indian Garden's highly recommended charbroiled chicken marinated in herbs and spices cooked in a rich butter sauce 
Chicken Tikka Masala$12.00
Assorted vegetables tossed with barbequed chicken breasts in  a thickened creamy sauce flavored with herbs and spices 
Chicken Korma$12.00
Jumbo tiger prawns are marinated and then cooked in the tandoor 

Chicken Tikka (6 pcs)

Boneless chicken breast is marinated in our own preparation of special ingredients and spices. 



Chicken Specialties

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Chicken Vindaloo

This dish features hints of tomatoe and potatoe in a spicy curry 

Basa Coconut Curry

Morsels of fish cooked in a creamy coconut curry sauce. 
Fish Masala$11.00
A tradition fish curry cooked in tomatoes, onions, ginger, and spices 
Prawn Jalfrezi$13.00
Jumbo tiger prawns with garlic, onions, green peppers, tomatoes and savoury spices 

Prawn Curry

Prawns summered in a tomato and onion sauce 


*all dishes are served with Basmati rice, chutneys, and pickled onions